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James Moore is a magazine focused on current news and everything related to national and international politics.

The Website

It was born from the hand of our creator Ashli P. Bullion who from a very young age was involved in the just causes of the community she grew up in. Through the years and thanks to her interest in journalism, she decided to create a digital magazine committing herself to bring the truth to her audience about the events of Canada and the whole world.

Without leaving aside the political issues that sound so much in the present day, she is completely impartial with her articles and interviews with the leaders of today.

Ashli P. Bullion is aware of the importance of truthfulness, especially at this time when so much fake news is found everywhere, making the public doubt what to believe. This is why her main goal is the truth and, in this magazine, you will only read the truth about the investigative journalism we do, leaving nothing behind.

In this magazine, we believe in freedom of speech and that everyone has the right to be heard. Because of this, James Moore stands out as one of the most important magazines in Canada, receiving weekly letters from all its readers both at home and around the world.

James Moore was born from the commitment of its creator to inform not only in the political field, but also in everything related to politics, economy, sports, entertainment, and all the important areas that stand out for their wide development through the years.

Where there is truthful information, there is James Moore to provide quality and impartial analysis.